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Services and Solutions We Offer!

We let enterprises focus on what matter most. Listening to every need, helping them spend less time on searching for the next big solution, and more time to focus on what their customers need.

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Data Management

 Samphire is continuously supporting a conglomerate fulfill its objective to have a centralized repository of its volumous transaction data with ease and from disparate sources using Hadoop Big Data Platform.


Business Intelligence

Want to make more data-driven business decisions? Samphire got you covered with our combined business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices that will give valuable business insights to your organization.

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Data Center Solutions

We complement the clients data center through state of the art Power and Precision Airconditioning solutions, fit outs and structured cabling


Systems Integration

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Telecom Solutions

To provide an end to end IT solution, we can also bundle the direct internet connectivity to both local and International ISPs

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