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Samphire lets enterprises focus on what matter most. Listening to every need, helping them spend less time on searching for the next big solution, and more time to focus on what their customers need.

Featured Services

Internet of Things

Gather the data you need in real time with wireless, easy-to-install, long-range, and long-battery life. In the case of IoT, data refers to information created by sensors, devices, applications, and other smart gadgets. The value we created is the prediction of future trends and outcomes based on those gathered IoT data Samphire is in partnership with Packetworx, the country's first and only LoRaWAN® connectivity provider for the Internet of Things



This is a testing service aimed at locating security issues in applications, systems, and infrastructure in order to be addressed before threat agents exploit these issues for maligned purposes. We provide a VAPT solution that is of high quality yet affordable for small to big enterprises. Our service involves a “hands-on” approach to testing the overall security of an IT infrastructure by simulating a hacker attack.


Data Management

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Data increasingly is seen as a corporate asset that can be used to make more-informed business decisions, improve marketing campaigns, optimize business operations and reduce costs, all with the goal of increasing revenue and profits

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